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updated at 10:31am on 15/08/2019

by Anonymous gave Ridgmount Practice a rating of 5 stars

Excellent experience over many years

As a longstanding patient over many years, I have always been immensely grateful for the kindness, good humour, dedication and care which I have received from my dedicated doctor at the Practice. Thanks to his ongoing care, and that of the whole Practice, I am able (albeit at a relatively advanced age) to continue to lead an active and independent life. With an unerring eye for the important detail, my doctor keeps a close oversight over all aspects of my health. He is quick to follow up on any issue or anomaly, ordering any necessary tests and following up and explaining the results proactively and thoroughly. He always gives me clear and sensitive guidance. I am always reassured that his longstanding experience, and clinical judgment, give him an excellent instinct regarding my general health. He offers sensitive and pragmatic advice on all aspects of my health including diet and medication, and always takes me fully through any risk v benefit balance on medication. He refers me for consultations with hospital colleagues where appropriate and closely follows up the outcome of those consultations. My daughter accompanies me to most appointments at the Practice and my doctor deals with her questions fully and sensitively. We both always come away from consultations feeling reassured, with all our questions clearly answered, and clear as to any next steps. Despite a clearly very busy list of patients and other demands, my doctor manages to make consultations not feel rushed. I am always impressed by how efficiently and cheerfully the Practice works as a team. Other doctors whom I have seen occasionally have also provided excellent care. I always been very impressed by the Nurses, who offer invaluable advice, treatment and reassurance on a wide variety of issues. It is never difficult to obtain an appointment at a suitable time, and the wait is never significant. It is also very helpful to have the many walk-in clinics, with doctors and nurses, as options for urgent matters. The administrative staff, in the front reception and in the office within, handle all aspects of referrals, results and other queries very smoothly and efficiently. The reception team always offer a kind and cheerful welcome and deal with questions sensitively and efficiently. Altogether, an excellent experience; thank you to all the staff.

Visited in July 2019, Posted on 26 July 2019

by Anonymous gave Ridgmount Practice a rating of 5 stars

Friendly, helpful doctors and staff

Easy to get a walk in appointment, and from there had scheduled appointments for follow up consultations.
Friendly doctor talked through diagnosis, explained what it meant and what implications were, what medication was being prescribed and why.

Visited in October 2018, Posted on 03 November 2018

by Anonymous gave Ridgmount Practice a rating of 5 stars

Professional & Dynamic Practice

I can highly recommend Ridgmount Practice - this is a modern and dynamic practice where the various GPs and nursing team are all warm, considerate and respectful. I have had no adverse experiences and all members of their team have dealt with me in a timely and knowledgable manner. This is s great model for how a practice should be run!

Visited in September 2018, Posted on 26 September 2018

by Anonymous gave Ridgmount Practice a rating of 5 stars

Friendly staff and short waiting times

I moved to London last September and have been really happy with the care provided by Ridgmount Practice. Reception staff is always polite and helpful, waiting times during walk-in hours are short (although the practice is usually quite full) and (re)booking appointments has never been an issue.

I was able to get much-needed mental health support -- my doctor (as well as the nurses I talked to) helped me with the necessary paperwork and suggested appropriate treatment/ways to move forward. I highly recommend this practice.

Visited in March 2018, Posted on 05 March 2018