USA Study/Work Abroad Immunisation/Screening Information


The USA often has quite specific immunisation/screening requirements prior to studying or working there but unfortunately these are not generally covered by the NHS.


We are able to provide the following vaccines free of charge if appropriate on the NHS:

  • MMR -Mumps, Measles and Rubella two doses in total required/usually given in childhood
  • Meningitis ACWY <25 years only One dose required usually given in school as a teenager
  • Copies of immunisation details from NHS medical records are free

We are unable to provide the following vaccines on the NHS as these are not part of the UK immunisation schedule for adults:

  • x  Meningitis ACWY >25 years older
  • x  Varicella -chickenpox
  • x  Hepatitis B
  • x  DTaP -diptheria, tetanus, acellur pertussis
  • x  BCG -tuberculosis

We are also unable to provide:

  • x  Blood tests to check immunity/antibodies
  • x  Tuberculosis screening including Mantoux or Heaf tests, blood tests such as the Quantiferon test
  • x  Chest X-rays

Please note: some live vaccines such as the MMR, Varicella or BCG/BCG Screening test must either be given on the same day or one month apart.


If you require a signature/offical stamp on any medical/vaccination forms requested by the USA this will incur a fee.


Where can I get the immunisations or screening tests not provided on the NHS?

There are a number of private travel clinics in London that can provide these services but as you have to meet the costs we recommend comparing the fees between clinics before booking.

Whilst we are unable to recommend any particular clinic many students attend the Fleet Street Clinic