Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Annual Statement 2019-2020

Ridgmount Practice
formerly Gower Place Practice
8 Ridgmount Street

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Annual Statement 2019-2020

IPC lead for the practice is Dee Williams (Practice Nurse)
IPC deputy is Carol Sheils (Practice Manager)
Antibiotic Steward is Dr Claire Elliott
This annual statement will be generated in December each year and will summarise :
  • Any infection transmission incidents and actions taken
  • Details of IPC audits/risk assessments undertaken and actions taken
  • Details of staff training
  • Details of IPC advice to patients
  • Any review/update of IPC policies and procedures
Significant Events

There were no significant events relating to IPC in the previous twelve months.

Staff Training
All staff received annual IPC training/updating in May 2019
IPC issues/updates are discussed regularly throughout the year in clinical/general meetings.
Staff are encouraged to raise any IPC concerns with the practice manager or IPC lead.

Hand Hygiene /Aseptic Technique

An annual hand hygiene audit was conducted on all staff in May 2019 with 100% compliance in correct technique
Staff are aware of the importance of hand hygiene in reducing healthcare associated infections.
An aseptic technique audit was performed with clinicians who undertake this procedure in May 2019 with excellent results.
Whole Practice IPC Audit
In August 2019 Infection Control Lead Dee Williams undertook a Whole Practice IPC audit and this highlighted some areas that needed improvement to ensure compliance with IPC best practice guidance.
Some consulting/treatment rooms were found to be in need of decluttering-this was mostly items on work surfaces. If the work surfaces are clear it is much easier to clean.
All clinicians were advised to declutter their rooms as much as possible and unused/excess equipment removed.
Review by Dee Williams/Carol Sheils in December 2019 showed very good improvement and will be reviewed again in April 2020.
Actions completed
New foot operated bins were purchased for the kitchen and Room 6.
Posters replaced with more colourful/eye catching design (hand hygiene/waste management)
Risk Assessments
Risk assessments are performed on a regular basis including:
Waste Management/COSHH and Sharps
IPC Advice to Patients
All eligible patients have been invited for relevant immunisations for example flu, pneumococcal, shingles, whooping cough.
We administered 592 Meningitis ACWY vaccinations to students under 25yrs of age in 2019.
Parents/Guardians are sent regular invites/reminders for childhood immunisations.
IPC Policy

The IPC Policy has been updated and expanded to provide more detailed information.

IPC plans for 2020
All staff will be having further IPC training in May 2020
Hand Hygiene/Aseptic technique audits due May 2020.
Risk assessments and infection audits will be ongoing throughout the year.

Dee Williams (Practice Nurse)  19.12.2019