HPV Vaccination NHS Catch up Programme for Women

Who is eligible for HPV vaccination under the NHS immunisation programme:

If you are female, under 25yrs, and not received or completed your routine HPV vaccine in this country or abroad

This consists of 1 vaccine and you MUST be under 25 for the vaccine.

We have designated clinics for this. Please call our reception team on 020 7387 6306 to arrange an appointment if you think you may be eligible.

We may need a copy of any immunisations you may have had in the past to check your previous vaccination schedule.


HPV Vaccine for Men

We are not able to offer men the HPV vaccine here at Ridgmount Practice.

You can arrange this privately through a local pharmacy, or if you are under 46 years old and have sex with men it is possible to have your HPV vaccine through the local sexual health services.