Central Camden PCN's COVID-19 Vaccination Programme: TV Coverage

14/12/21 - Our volunteers speak about why they wanted to volunteer and why the booster vaccines are so important.

01/12/21 - Dr Ammara Hughes speaks to ITV about the delivery of the Covid-19 booster vaccines and the Omicron variant. 

Channel 4 documented our Bloomsbury COVID-19 Vaccination Hub in a feature about vaccine safety.  (Please click on the logo to view the feature).








Physician Associate Raj Gill speaks to BBC News London about the importance of vaccine uptake and the current worries around the AstraZeneca vaccine.

13/12/21 - Dr Ammara Hughes speaks to BBC News about the ramp up in Covid-19 Boosters.

14/09/21 - Dr Ammara Hughes speaks to ITV about the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine booster programme that GP's have been preparing for. 

ITV News London came to the surgery to speak to patients about why they had decided to take the vaccine. A very powerful message from one of our patients who had previously been hesitant.

Dr Ammara Hughes and Physician Associate Raj Gill speak to ITV about Camden's low COVID-19 cases and how the vaccine programme is going in our borough.