Contraceptive Services

We offer a comprehensive range of contraceptive services at Ridgmount Practice including the fitting and removal of contraceptive implants (Nexplanon) and the fitting of intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCD or Coil) and intrauterine systems (IUS or Mirena device).

Please see the following links for advice regarding contraceptive methods and our Consent Forms for procedures such as Nexplanon insertion/removal and Coil or Mirena insertion. 

Advice following Nexplanon Insertion

Coil Consent Form Ridgmount Practice

IUS Consent Form Ridgmount Practice

Nexplanon Insertion Consent Form Ridgmount Practice

Nexplanon Removal Consent Form Ridgmount Practice

Appointments will need to be booked in advance via our receptionists, please note that you must first book a pre-assessment appointment with any of these three doctors:  Dr Emily Hull, Dr Sophia Bryant or Dr Eleanor Beecraft. Once you have had your pre-assessment the doctor will advise you on the best date to book your IUCD or Coil insertion appointment.